Our Mission

Our mission is to provide power to the people
Through Kiosks, WASSHA provides a whole new experience for people in off-grid areas with affordable, accessible and safe electricity.
How to achieve our mission We provide the rental device and charging service using clean energy. WASSHA lends all devices to start WASSHA business. Remote management and monitoration of every operation made possible with our innovative technology, so that we can check every transactions like sales, customer information, and power generation.
We are looking for business partners to expand WASSHA to off-grid areas!
Rechargeable devices for end user
LED Lantern
Portable Radio
Tablet PC
Leasing instruments for agent
WPD(WASSHA Power Device) with USB ports
PV panel
Smart phone as a controller

Business Flow

  • AService
    for End User
    WASSHA agents provide the rental and charging services to end user. Agents get cash as sales from end user. These data deliver to the dashboard through the internet.
  • BAgent's
    WASSHA agents should purchase "airwatt" with mobile money to enable use of electricity.
  • CPower
    WASSHA uses the environment friendly energy and agents don't need to prepare initial investment to get enough power as we lease every device.
  • DRemote
    WASSHA has dashboard to monitor every transaction so that we can analyze the data to improve business impact.

WASSHA's Strengths

WASSHA's Dashboard and Android apps enable to visualize the data and manage the devices remotely


  • Analysis

    WASSHA apps send the data automatically, then Dashboard summarizes and visualizes the data so that we can use it for marketing.
  • Monitoring

    Through the Dashboard, we can monitor the status of instruments
    • · Remaining quantity of battery
    • · PV generation
    • · How many lanterns are rented out
    • · How many times mobiles are charged
  • Mobile Money

    WASSHA agents purchase the airwatt safely by using mobile money, which means you don't need to go to agents to collect the money as well.
  • Management

    If we find some cheating, we can stop the device remotely by the Dashboard.

WASSHA wants to collaborate with YOU!

  • WASSHA+Marketing


    Using our agents, we provide marketing services

    • · Marketing Research
    • · Test Marketing
    • · Sales Promotion Planning
    • · Consultancy
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  • WASSHA+New


    We are looking for the new services, if you have any idea let us know!

    • · e-learning
    • · m-Health
    • · m-Agricluture
  • WASSHA+Partner


    We are going to be scale!
    We need you!

    • · Business Partner:
      Operational or Financial Partner
    • · Comrade:
      Engineer, Marketer, Intern, etc..
    • · WASSHA Agent:
      Kiosk owner
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